We tested the new Nathan Williams parts from Kink BMX

Our team rider Marcus Diemar has just got a sponsorship from Kink BMX. In connection with that, Marcus got the new Kink The Williams frame and bar. We used the opportunity and got him to review the new parts.

Nathan Williams is one of the most respected riders out there. He is known for taking street riding to the next level over and over again. Now he has gotten his own signature part series from Kink BMX.

But how are the new signature parts to ride? Well, luckily rider Marcus Diemar has just gotten the Williams BMX Bar and the Williams Freestyle BMX Frame from his new sponsor Kink BMX.

“I cannot remember that I ever had a better setup than now. Since I’m a street rider, the Nathan Williams signature parts fit my style of riding perfectly”, he says.

A solid street frame

Marcus is into technical street riding with a lot of grinds and spin outs, barspins, pull up barspins and crank flips - so, how does he think The Williams frame fits his style of riding.

“The 12.75” chainstay makes it easier to rotate, and also makes manuals easier. The frame’s steep headtube makes hang fives on the front wheel super easy too. It also helps me to keep my balance, and oh yes, it has the sweetest dropouts I’ve ever seen”, says Marcus.

The perfect bar for street

So, what does Marcus have to say about how The Williams BMX Bar is working in the wild?

“I'm used to riding an 8,75 bar rise, and Nathan Williams The Williams bar BMX Bar is 9,25, which I’m a big fan of so far because it’s much more comfortable for me to ride. I’ve cut 1,5cm of each side of the bar so it’s easier to make bar spins “

Representing Kink in the North

Kink BMX was founded in Rochester, NY by BMX rider Zack Phillips, who was tired of his parts breaking from riding street and then set out to make durable quality parts.

The mission succeeded and today, Kink BMX is not only making parts but also complete BMX bikes, apparel and much more.

The main focus for Kink BMX is still street riding, and the brand has some of the best street riders in the world on their team, and now, Marcus has joined their Kink World Team.

Kink BMX is happy to have Marcus Diemar representing the North! Marcus has a strong, tech style, with lots of combos in his pocket. We are excited to work together with him in the future!", says Jay Roe team manager at Kink BMX.

Find all our Kink parts right here. Make sure to follow Marcus Diemar and Kink BMX on Instagram for more sick BMX content.

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