These roller skates has a retro look and modern comfort

The Chaya Glide Vintage series is a perfect combination of the old school roller skate look and the comfort, control, and smoothness of a modern pair of quad skates. Check them out here.

Are you looking for the perfect roller skate to cruise down the street or do awesome roller disco dance moves? Then the Chaya Glide Vintage series is the right choice for you.

A super comfy roller skate

You can skate for hours without getting sore feet thanks to the padded inner boot, and the Eva inner sole, which ensures that your feet will stay happy.

Get out there dancing!

The mid-cut sneaker style boot is not only looking amazing, but it also gives you great support without compromising the maneuverability you need when you are doing dance moves.

This stylish skate comes in 3 amazing colorways Neochrome, Teal, and White, and is made out of vegan-friendly faux leather.

Great stability and grip

With The Chaya Glide Vintage series, you get a durable and light plate plus great stability, provided by the hard cushions. The roller skate comes with the Octo Spectrum wheels - good all-around wheels with a lot of grip.


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