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3 wakeboard highlights from Slingshot this season

After a long winter, it is time to start the boat engines or hit the cable park. To celebrate the new season, here is a little teaser with some of the news from Slingshot for wake season 2019.

Ladies first

The Slingshot Contrast wakeboard is specifically made for the badass ladies and as they put it - “for girls with commitment issues”. You can change your mind as much as you want - one day behind the boat, another day in the park, the Slingshot Contrast is made to suit your mood.

This is thanks to the stiffer middle “belly” part of the board, combined with flex tips, shaped in a three-stage rocker. Add to that rails along the middle and a pinch of carbon and you get yourself a board that is stable and controllable when needed, and playful on the rails.

The Slingshot Contrast has pop, stiffness, and plenty of character - just like the ladies it is meant for!

Go nuts on the Shredtown crew board

The Slingshot Shredtown is a wakeboard meant to take you special places with its soft flex pattern and the secret Shredtown crew ingredients. Slingshot’s team has tested, improved, and tested, and improved this board to reach perfection in the park.

The Shredtown is made to last and prolong your wakeboard sessions. We are talking continuous rocker to perform at your best on the obstacles; chained rails for a smooth and forgiving ride; carbon inserts, base and sidewalls made to last, last long!

Discover your soft spot in the park terrain

Terrain is the softest wakeboard from Slingshot, so if you want a smooth and playful ride in the park - that is the board for you.

The wide tip and tail, and the soft flex pattern make it quite easy to enjoy the rails in the park, or any obstacle on your way.

That said, the Slingshot Terrain is perfect for everyone - from the very beginner to the advanced rider who wants to have some fun in the park.

And with the risk to sound too cheeky, just look at those graphics!

Be waterkings...and queens with Slingshot

There is a reason to focus on Slingshot here - they are simply one of the best wakeboard brands out there.

They take R&D, aka Research and Development, to the alien level where nothing is too weird and too innovative. That is, day in and day out in the water until each and every board is perfected.

Recently, Slingshot started cooperating with SpaceMob which is proving to turn into a true “cult” and the most rad thing in cable wakeboarding. Well, we are most definitely looking forward to see what is coming out of that pretty colab.

In the meantime, you go pick your Slingshot board, boots, and even cap from our shelves. Wake on!

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