These bars will change the way you ride

Titanium bars are hotter than ever, and the last time we had the Longway Kronos Titanium Bar in stock they sold out quickly! Now it’s back, together with the new Longway Hyperion SCS Titanium Bar

Every trick will become easier with a titanium bar. It’s as light as aluminum and as strong as a steel bar - you’ll get a light and responsive ride with great control.

The bars from Longway Scooters are some of our most popular titanium bars and for a good reason, you get a crazy amount of value for your money.

Check this new y-shaped beauty

Weighing only 800 grams, The Longway Hyperion SCS Titanium Bar is ultralight.

But this bar is also super durable too, all thanks to it being made out of titanium plus the Y-shape with an additional strengthening upper strut. It’s never been easier to make whips, barspins, buttercups, and bri flips.

One of our most popular titanium bars

Every trick becomes easier with the light and durable Longway Kronos Titanium Stunt Scooter Bar!

This bar is as durable as steel, but as light as aluminum. Actually, the Longway Kronos titanium bar only weighs a staggering 600 grams!!

One of the riders who use the Longway Titanium Kronos is scooter rider Wilson Ronaldo, the one who has made this review of the bar.


Want to see the rest of our titanium bar assortment? Then you’ll find them right here.

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