Big News - The cheeky kitten is back!

Cool cats, rejoice - Ripndip is back in the house. It’s been a long time waiting, and finally, the kitten sneaking from the pocket is again in stock. The LA-based apparel brand is seriously unserious and fun.

How it all started

For founder Ryan O’Connor, it all started in 2009 (yes, it has been 10 years already) at skate camp, when he made the officials very, very angry because all the kids wanted to buy his t-shirts with the ‘Ripndip’ phrase instead of the camp merch.

Chill and stay cool!

Since the very beginning it has been nothing but fun, and absolutely unserious, chill vibe with the Ripndip brand. Just check out those t-shirts - that’s the absolute proof!

Ever wondered who’s the cat?

Nerman,Lord Nerman! That is his name. The cheeky kitten lurking from the pocket! It all started when O’Connor found an old-school fabric with cats on it and thought it was cute. And then bam, another legend was born!

Ripndip as of now

10 years and still going strong, just like any kid on the verge of teen-age. Ripndip is still one of the signature skate brands, loved by many. The stylized naughty cat will make the worst pet but the coolest brand rep ever.

Check our Ripndip stock and get yourself something funny!

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