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Watch the highlights from Barcelona Street Jam

More than 1000 riders were gathered to shred some of the most legendary spots in the capital of Catalonia. We got scooter rider Bogumil Borkowski to make a video recap of this crazy day.

Our team rider Pol Roman was responsible for this year’s street jam, and though it all started with the police taking Pol's ID, and threatening to hold him responsible if anything went wrong, Barcelona Street Jam ended up being sick! So, a big shout out to Pol.

Congrats to French scooter rider Lucas Di Meglio who took home the win at this year's street jam, at the last spot of this crazy event.

Also, a big thanks to Polish rider and YouTuber Bogumil Borkowski for making this sweet recap of the day, be sure to check it out above.


Looking for new gear, so you can attend the next street jam in 2019? Then check out all our scooter parts and completes right here. Want to see more awesome content from Bogumil Borkowski? Then make sure to follow him on Instagram right here.

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