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Will these wheels let you skate in the rain?  

The Powerslide Torrent Rain inline skate wheels are designed to give you maximum traction and control in wet conditions but do they work? We took them for a spin in the rain to find out.

Slippery wet surfaces are every inline skater's nightmare but the new Powerslide Torrent Rain Rollerblade Wheels are made to race in the rain!

Our team rider, Anders Hauerholt tested the wheels in wet conditions to find out how they perform. See how it went in the video above.

Made to skate in the rain

The special PU formula on these inline wheels is designed to give you grip in the rain. The Torrent Rain Wheels also has a rough pre-grinded surface from the start, which bites better into the ground.

The DFT core gives you the perfect mix between stability when you stand straight and flex which makes the Powerslide Torrent Rain Inline Wheels extra bite in the corners and when you push off.


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