New hot-stuff from Volcom!

Fresh, cool, and some old-school Volcom apparel just came in and you should definitely check it out. The traditional Stone logo takes new shapes and shades but the brand stays true to boarding.

True To This - No need for lengthy explanations

Check out the Volcom Stamp Divide Youth t-shirt, matching with the General Stone hoodie, combined with a hint of the good, old days with the HardCore In 94 cap! Absolute legend set !

Transformations, changes, evolution, and R.E.S.P.E.C.T to the core is what pins the new apparel from Volcom. It is a combo between the new, youthful vibe and the old-school that reminds us where it all began.

Mixing the new with old-school

Another new look of the Stone logo is the Pin Stone Youth t-shirt. Spice it up a bit with the OG twitch on top with the Deadly Stone Youth hoodie, and add a pinch of ‘nice’ with the Quarter Fabric Cap, and there you go! Core board to the bone!

For many years now, since all the way back in 1991, Volcom has stuck to their vision. To stay true to the urge to chase the waves, the powder, and the concrete; to push further, and never stop following their passions. The new collection is proof of that!

Check it all out at SkatePro here!

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