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Get started: Skates

Did you get a pair of inlines or quad-skates for Christmas? Then it´s time to decide how you want to use them. You can, of course, use your skates for transportation, but there are actually numerous sports and disciplines to enjoy with your new skates.

We have collected a few different sports, that you might consider trying out.

Fitness Skating

Whether you like a quick stroll around your neighborhood or long marathon-like distances, fitness skating might be the thing for you.


Speed Skating is the fastest roller and inline related sport out there. If we look at the sprint distances, speeds will peak at a breathtaking 60 km/h (37 mph). So if you like high-speeds this is the discipline to choose.

Roller Derby

Looking for a sport with high intensity. Physical contact. Tactics. A strong and diverse community - Then roller derby might be the thing for you.

Roller Hockey

A fast-paced and action-packed sport that combines speed with technique.This team sport can be played everywhere from the street to big arenas.

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