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The Travis Hughes Signature BMX is here

There's nothing Travis Hughes can't do on a BMX. Based on his personal geometry preferences and set up, the Cloud Travis Hughes Signature 20” bike from Kink delivers at every session.

This bike is a sturdy choice if you are looking for a high-end street BMX packed with the best aftermarket parts from Kink and Mission.

The Cloud Travis Hughes Signature 20” is centered around a durable and light Chromoly frame, which can withstand harsh impacts and stress form heavier/taller riders.

The geometry of the bike makes it perfect for doing 180's & 360's. Add the sturdy Kink Trident Fork made of Chromoly, and the 4 pegs that come with the bike, and you are ready to grind like Travis himself.

Last up, the Mission Dispatch Freecoaster allows you to ride backward without using the pedals and provides you with endless fakie fun.


Be sure to check out the Nathan Williams Freecoaster 20" signature BMX here and also the rest of our selection of Kink BMX parts and new complete bikes here.

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