Are you a water freak? O'Neill got something for you!

If you are already packing your surf, SUP, wake, kite or any water gear, then read further! We have stocked some freakishly good wetsuits from O’Neill that are definitely worth your surfer attention! O'Neill is bringing revolutionary technologies on the table for longer sessions in the water.

Even while only browsing through the upcoming season’s booklet, we were drooling over the new, high-tech wetsuits from O’Neill, a.k.a the Hyperfreak series.

More stretch, more warmth, more fun

The O’Neill Hyperfreak is literally a state of the art wetsuit. One of the criteria for a good, high-end wetsuit is to keep you warm without being overly thick and stiff. The neoprene should be stretchy, light, and insulating as much as possible.

The Hyperfreak wetsuits are made with the revolutionary Technobutter 3 material, which you can find only on O’Neill wetsuits. The ultra-light neoprene is combined with Envy foam rubber core which makes it super stretchy and comfy.

And more freedom

The O’Neill Hyperfreak-s come also with the Technobutter 3X in the arms and shoulder areas to allow you more freedom of movement. P.S. And it is amazing to touch!

Technobutter 3X is the pre-stretched version of the Technobutter 3. It has the same properties and structure but the pre-stretch allows extra flexibility in the areas you need it the most.

No more choking and no more water

One of the coolest features we were super excited about is the F.U.Z.E (Front Upper Zip Entry) Closure system. Why? We all know that front chest zipper is the best insulating closing system on a wetsuit. We also know how hard it is to get into one of those wetsuits.

With the F.U.Z.E, you get the perfect insulation from the water that tries to break into your little warm heaven but also feels loose and flexible, so no feeling of being trapped into your second skin.

Talking insulation…

And since we brought up the topic of blocking the annoying, cold water, O’Neill has thought it entirely through and has made all the seams blind stitched and triple glued. In simple lingo - watertight seams that are made to last long!

Psst...we have the O'Neill Hyperfreak wetsuits in all thickness ranges, sizes and also men and women versions! So check out all the good stuff we got from O’Neill and get ready for the longest sessions!

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