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What to choose: freecoaster or cassette hub?

In this Q & A with our team rider Martin Paarup, we try to give you the answer about whether you should choose a freecoaster or cassette hub for your BMX setup. Get the answer here.

Are you in doubt about what the difference between a freecoaster hub and a cassette hub really is, and also about what the pros and cons are between the different hub types? Get the answer below.

So Martin, tell us what's the benefit of riding a freecoaster?

"A freecoaster hub gives you the freedom to ride backward without pedaling, this also means that you can ride with a higher speed. If you are into fakie tricks, a freecoaster hub is a must-have. You don't have to time your balance with the alignment of the pedals before you jump, which really does something for the timing"

It all sounds great, but aren't there any cons of using a freecoaster on your BMX bike?

"Unlike cassette hubs, freecoasters have "slack". This is the amount of play in the clutch of a coaster before you can create the force to pedal forward. You need to be aware of that because if you pedal full force forward due to the lack of resistance, you risk flying over the handlebar or hit your knee against the bar."

So, what should I consider before getting a freecoaster?

"Well, freecoasters can be used by street, park and dirt riders. Just try it to see if it's for you. If you have a friend that has a bike with a freecoaster, take it for a ride. Some people love it from the start, others need to get used to it. I also know a guy that brought a freecoaster, road it once and switch back to a cassette hub"

So, if I'm a beginner, should I just go for a freecoaster right away?

"Yes, you could do that, but I would rather recommend starting on a BMX with a cassette hub. It's just easier to learn the basic stuff such as bunny hops and manuals, and also riding backward because you can brake by pedaling forward."

So why not just keeping a cassette hub instead of a freecoaster?

"The downside with a cassette hub is the timing. You always have to pedal around and jump at the precise moment where your right and left feet are perfectly aligned. If you miss that moment, you need to pedal for another round, and that means a lot if you are on your way down to a ledge or obstacle!"

But is a cassette hub primarily ridden by beginners then?

No, not at all! A lot of park, flow, and dirt riders are using a cassette hub because they need to be able to go full throttle from the first stride. Furthermore, they also need to be able to trust that their pedals aren’t moving when they take their feet off them in the air. Tricks like tail taps are also easier with a cassette than with a freecoaster.


Want to try riding a freecoaster hub? Find it right here.

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