Pyua outerwear on sale: 'nough said

We can talk for hours and hours about how amazing Pyua Eccorrect Outerwear is and it still won’t be enough. That is why we will just say: “Yes, it is on sale now!” You will get both functionality and eco-clear conscious.

Buying a piece of Pyua clothing is a statement, not just the next impulsive buy. Since 2008, Pyua has been making eco-friendly functional wear that is completely produced of recycled materials and can also be recycled at the end of its life.

Functionality and care for nature with every stitch

We got goodies with clear eco-conscious for both men and women, and the bonus is - they look totally cool and the functionality is almost unbeatable.

Colorful and technical outwear

The Pyua George-Y jacket and Creek-Y pants come in funky colors, 3 layers which allow you to wear them in fall or winter, taped seams, and many other extras that you can’t get in regular jackets and pants. And all that with a minimal production impact on our beautiful Earth.

Sleek style and eco approach with Pyua women series

Ladies, don’t get low. We have something for you too. Check this badass set we made for you - Pyua George jacket, Pyua Release pants, and Beyond fleece hooded jacket.

The jacket and pants are made of PFC-free impregnated fabric that will keep water away and at the same time allow your body to breath and keep you dry at any time.

The Pyua Beyond fleece jacket will make a perfect mid-layer or a spring hoodie that will also keep the raindrops away. Psst, the asymmetrical zipper makes it look pretty cool as well!

Check everything we got from Pyua on sale and do your good deed towards the planet!

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