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Long Island longboards: The true taste of summer

We have brought some summer mood in the house with the new, fresh longboards from Long Island. They just scream sunshine, palm trees, and cruising with your mates down the streets.

Island life wherever you are

Not everyone is blessed with having the ocean right at their doorstep like the guys from Long Island. That is why you can now surf the streets with the Long Island Kuala surfskate.

The Kuala is a surf-inspired board that is armed with highly responsive surf-trucks that will carve your way through the street and give you a taste of the waves even when the ocean is miles away.

Comfy and bump-less cruise around

The Long Island Banana Cruiser is not only fun and playful to look at but also feels like that while cruising in your city.

Apart from the cool graphics (both top and bottom), the Banana deck is built with very flexible Birchwood which dampers the vibration on the road. That is a sure recipe for a smooth ride!

The essentials of freedom

The Long Island Kicktail Essential has exactly what you need for a nice summery run on your longboard. All the ‘bare necessities’ are here!

We are talking stiff and sturdy American Hard Rock maple (all 7 ply of it), cone and barrel bushing setups and a 50° kingpin angle for a surfy feel, and a sweet kick in the rear for a trick or two.

Dance the night...and the day away

The Long Island Magic dancer board is packed with goodies, or magic dust if you like, so that you can enjoy every session.

The combo of bamboo and glass fiber bring you lightness and durability, while the trucks, bushings, and bearings are combined to give you the best response and control. So, jump on!

Want to see more from Long Island? Check our stock here.

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