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3 skateboard highlights this week

We are marking the official coming of the spring with some fresh and badass decks from Sk8Mafia and Jart. Those decks are literally “an offer you can’t refuse”. Check those fresh deck series and awaken your inner G.

Remember this? We got fresh stock of skateboard decks from both Sk8Mafia and Jart and here are some of the highlights that really got our attention.

Go full-blown badass with Sk8Mafia

When we say mafia, we really mean mafia. The guys from the well-known brand have decided to pay tribute to the legendary boss-men from the cult movies Scarface and The Godfather.

It doesn’t matter if you get Tony Montana or Mr. Corleone himself, you will be the boss of bosses with a long lasting pop and expected toughness.

The Sk8Mafia decks from the Made and Face series are 100% hardcore Canadian maple and the low temperature gluing of the layers guarantees durability and hardness.

Subtle G-life with something “home grown” by Jart

"Homegrown" is another brand new series we got from Jart. The Jart gang took it a bit more subtle with very innocent, on first glance, colorful, sunny decks.

It took us a bit of time to figure out what is standing on the balconies and windows on those decks.

The decks are made with Hard-rock American maple and 2XC ecological glue which not only means long-lasting pop but also eco-friendly deck.

Talking eco-friendliness, Jart has something more to say

Since we touched upon the nature-conscious topic, we also need to share the new Warning deck from Jart.

It also comes from controlled felled maples from the American forests and ecological glue but the graphics come with a slightly different message.

The Warning board emphasizes the effect that all of us, humans, have on our beautiful planet and its other residents. So, this is another way to make a statement.

If you want to see more, check out all the other new decks we got in stock.

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