Big NEWS: SkatePro grip tape is hot and ready for grabs

Ladies and gentlemen, we are more than proud to announce that the new SkatePro grip tape is finally in stock and ready to be sent out to all of you, regardless of your ride of choice!

Are you hungry for something new? Three different sizes and three steaming hot styles of grip tape come straight out of the SkatePro oven.

The Pizza, the Burger, and the New logo are the party dishes for our celebration of the new year, the new season and the pimped-up look of our logo. You like?

The new SkatePro grip tape can be used on your skateboard, cruiser or scooter, whatever it is, we’ll make it stick. We literally got your back, or actually feet, in any trick you try, any ramp you go down, or just when you cruise around.

And because we are super excited, we have added the SkatePro grip tape as a freebie when you get some of our trick scooters, cruiser decks or classic popsicle skateboards. So go dig in, and if you already have a ride of choice, get the grip tape to add some coolness points!

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