Fancy underwear doesn't need to cost much!

This is Thermowave - a company that takes base layers and underwear to the next level. And because performance comes from underneath and we want you to do the best at any time, we got plenty of the styles on sale.

Normally the talk about base layers and outdoor underwear is not as exciting as hard gear or fancy jackets.

But that is just normally. Thermowave is definitely not just the next layer company, coming with crazy materials and designs.

No, Thermowave takes a group of outdoor enthusiasts as the starting point of any improvements, development, and design for their base layers.

Great action - no sweat

The Thermowave layers and underwear are made to breathe, regulate your temperature, reduce odor, and be easy to care of just so you can focus on the mountain, the snow, or the track under your feet.

You can get Thermowave in different styles and materials to suit what you like and need.

Even some of their layers like the Prodigy, are made easy for you to design and cut to as much as you like and feel comfortable.

Tested by the Bravers for optimal result

The Bravers are the group of people, champions, snow lovers, runners, and climbers, who live and breath outdoor life. They are the people that help Thermowave create the best possible layers.

If someone knows what is you need while tracking up that hill, or drawing that perfect line in the snow, that would be those guys.

Taking their feedback, helping them push their limits, and supporting them on their quest for more and more, Thermowave creates the base layers which will be a piece of gear, not just a piece of clothing.

But whatever we say, those base layers are something you should experience because Thermowave is exactly about living and facing the great outdoor, in the best possible way.

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Need to boost your performance and endurance? Check the Thermowave base layers sale here and shoot for the stars.

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