Crazy good news from Landyachtz longboards

They are here! The new boards from Landyachtz are in the house and we have some highlights for you that really deserve a minute or two...or actually, a new home. Check them out.

Stay free and wild with the Drop Hammer

The Landyachtz Drop Hammer freerider is state of the art from the bearings to the graphics.

It is perfect for your daily commute or a run down the hill. It comes with a solid and stiff, 100% Canadian maple deck, Bear trucks and bearings, and Hawgs wheels. Why mentioning this?

Well, Landyachtz design their trucks and wheel to fit with the individual boards so you can expect nothing but the perfect fit from this set-up. That means extra control and responsiveness from the board at any time.

It is hard not to give praise to the awesome fine line artwork on the deck as well.

Keeping it simple and yet detailed gives it a solid 10. Psst, can you spot the hidden raccoon in the pine-cone?

Old school with some new pimped looks

The Landyachtz Dinghy cruiser has been around for some time and has won its title as one of the most fun boards there is.

It’s playful, stable, and always ready to roll, whether it is for a quick cruise down the park, a few drops down a vert, or even a handstand practice. The Dinghy makes it possible!

You get a kicktail and a shallow concave for a few tricks on the way, chubby wheels for a comfy ride, solid and lightweight Canadian maple deck - what else is there to wish for?

The Dinghy cruiser is a fun board and that’s that! Oh, and it comes in all new, kick-ass graphics! So hop on!

Dancing queens and kings, behold!

The Landyachtz Stratus is in the house! If you are looking for a dancer board, that should be it!

The deck has a snappy flex and symmetrical shape, the kicktail is quite big and rises slowly, so you should be fit for the best dance and freestyle session ever.

Just like the other Landyachtz boards, the Stratus has Bear trucks and Hawgs wheels pre-mounted and made to match the board for the optimal performance.

This will say, you will get yourself the perfect dance partner.

Want to check out more? You can find all the other newcomers from Landyachtz here.

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