“We are here to break the stereotypes”

Instead of us doing the talking, we asked some really inspiring ladies to send out their International Women’s Day greetings and remind who really rules the world!

It’s not about gender, it’s about passion!

At SkatePro we are driven by the love for action sports, everyone’s love for action sports!

So happy International Women’s Day to all of you action ladies - you bring color and energy to the skateparks, the streets, on the slopes, everywhere your passion gets you.

"It isn’t a matter of ability but of attitude. Never convince yourself that something is impossible. The more you tell yourself you can, the closer you will be to your goal. If you dream it and imagine yourself doing it, it means you really can", says Bomba.

"I love blading. Why? Because in the skateparks, we're all the same; excited humans who just want to have fun on wheels", says Trine Nielsen, our amazing blader on the team!

The recipe to success - stay badass

Our snowboarder Ola Koskiniotis came a simple and straight to the point message:

“To all of the badass ladies out there, wish you all the best for Women’s day and remember that we got the power, just keep on pushing!”

Simone Christensen, BMX racing legend miss, also had something to say on the topic:

"I hope you all girls are doing what you love doing and you are being super badass at it! Happy Women's Day!"

No limits exist when you got a passion

And because rowdy girls are everywhere, the inspiring lady might just be sitting on the desk across you. Just like Nelle, the raddest derby chick you’ll ever meet (You rock, Nelle!):

”I love seeing more and more girls getting into the world of action sports. For some it can be terrifying to sometimes be the only girl at the skatepark, but believe in yourself - girls can do anything! Say no to stereotypes - it's all a matter of passion and determination, the sky's the limit!”

So go roll, board, flip, cruise or anything that puts a smile on your face! And remember that we always got your back and got all the gear you need!

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