Time for a new bike? Check these completes out

The race BMX season is about to start, and right now many riders are on the hunt for a new bike. Get a setup that fits you perfect and performs well - get a new complete from Radio Bike Co.

A race BMX bike needs to be light, agile, fast and durable and last but not least, it needs to fit you in size.

The Radio Cobalt Race BMX is designed to fit kids and young beginners. If you want to take things to the next level, the Radio Xenon is the obvious choice. This bike comes in several sizes and is made for young and adult beginners and intermediate riders.

No matter what you choose, these bikes give you a bang for the buck without blowing the bank.

The Radio Cobalt is the perfect bike for beginners

The Cobalt Race BMX is the perfect choice if you are looking for a complete or a beginner - it comes in a Mini, Junior, and Expert size.

You get a bike that's fast which can handle the impact of jumps due to its light and durable aluminum frame.

Get the maximum power out of every stride, thanks to the bike’s durable and light 3-piece crank.

The bike has double walled rims which means that you get a sturdy set of wheels that won't buckle when you are racing through berms and over the rollers.

Excel at the track with the Radio Xenon

Be the first one to cross the finish line with the Radio Xenon BMX. This bike comes in Mini, Junior, Expert, Expert XL, Pro, and Pro XL and is designed for young and adult beginners and intermediate riders.

The light and durable aluminum frame and the grippy Tioga Power-Block tires give you a bike that rides like a dream out on the track.

The sealed bearings allow you to ride for a long time without maintenance because they are protected against moisture and dirt. The same goes for the bike's integrated headset.


Are you in doubt about how to choose the right Race BMX bike for you? Then check out our buyers guide in the video below.

You are also always welcome to write or call our race BMX experts at the SkatePro customer connection team. You can also check out our huge selection of complete race BMX bikes right here

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