Yuto Goto: The Japanese blading wave

We talked with Yuto Goto, one of the most hyped bladers at Winterclash 2019. He's known for his technical and smooth blading that's carried out with Japanese perfection.

He has traveled more than 9200 km from his hometown Okayama to compete in this year’s Winterclash. We hooked up with Yoto Goto to hear more about the Japanese blading culture and about his trip to Europe.

Most people skate park, but I love street

Yuto points out that most of the Japanese bladers are into skating park. But he chose a different track, he's known for amazing lines of stylish street skating filled with ledges and lots of technical grinds on handrails.

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"A lot of people are into skating fish style in the park. Personally, I love to ride street, and I would like it to become bigger in Japan. There are an endless amount of street spots. Not two locations are alike. You need to be creative and think every time in order to skate it, and for me that is amazing"

The skate parks here are amazing

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It's Yuto's second time at Winterclash. Before the competition, he spent some time traveling around and skating in the Netherlands. So, what does he think about the European skate parks?

"I've really enjoyed all the parks here. Most of them are really huge with big ramps, bowls, and quarter pipes, something that we really don't have in my town. I would really like to see more parks like that in Japan. I really also think that it would do something for our blading style."

One of the parks that left the biggest impression on him was the skate park in Arnhem.

"It’s so sick, I love this park. I have never seen a skate park inside a church. It had good rails, ramps, and boxes. It is really one of the most unique locations I have ever skated.”

The DIY spirit is the way to grow

All in all, 4 Japanese bladers have taken the trip from Japan to Eindhoven this year. But is this a sign that blading is thriving and growing in Japan?

Photo by: Greger Flak

“In my town, Okayama, there are quite a few bladers, most of them my age, but there are also many youngsters who are taking up blading. There are also people skating in Tokyo and Osaka, but we are trying to get more to join in”, says Yoto,

One of the things that impressed him is how many bladers are good in promoting themselves and the sport via social media.

"Filming small clips and post them on Instagram is the perfect promo. We need to be more DIY-minded in Japan you know - shoot clips, learn how to edit them and post them. I really think this would gain attention and help our community to grow", he says.


Be sure to follow Yuto Goto on his Instagram for more sick blading. Got inspired to pick up a pair of aggressive skates yourself? Then find them right here.

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