Vote “Yes” for a fun family snowboard holiday

Snowboarding can also be a family sport and the guys from YES. have thought about it all. So they have a board for everyone - mom, dad, and the little rad shredder. Get geared up and enjoy a day on the groomers or in the pow together.

Ladies first - with the YES Emoticon

The Emoticon board from YES is specifically made to fit the female riders - we are talking size and weight. So the YES Emoticon is lighter, narrower, and has a bit more forgiving flex.

The board comes as a true twin, which means identical nose and tail, centered binding, and incorporates UnderBite edges. The UnderBite takes the weights from under the bindings to where the women riders need it more, namely outwards the binding area.

That makes turning and edge hold easier which you will most definitely come to enjoy. It is not a coincidence that the YES Emoticon has been a TWC Goodwood Award winner a few times already.

Not your normal twin - the YES Libre

For the snowboarding dads, we got a really nice treat - the YES Libre board. Technically, the Libre has a twin shape: the nose and tail are identical and the same length, a.k.a. Centered stance. But the volume in the nose is 15% more which will say - a directional volume twin.

The reason for that is so you can get the best of both worlds. You can still do your magic in the park and on the groomers and at the same time get that beautiful float in the powder.

The extra volume in the nose and the full poplar construction gives you lightness, solid flex, and easy float and maneuverability in the powder without compromising your trick performance.

YES Fun Inc. for the rad little shredders

Catch them if you can! Your kids will be having tons of fun with that YES snowboard for sure. It is a true twin so that they can be free to explore and express themselves to the max.

The YES Fun Inc. is custom crafted for the young guns between 8 and 12 years that already are over those ‘baby’ boards and are ready for some serious shredding. It has a mellow flex which will allow them to progress and a Radial cut, which makes the board predictable.

The only surprise will be how much better than you your kid will be at the end of the holiday!

Want to check out some more options, dig into our snowboard stock ;)

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