It's time for an upgrade: add some color to your ride

Your scooter wheels are not only crucial for your riding experience but are also a great way to add some personality to your setup. We gathered 3 of our favorite colorful wheels.

Wheels in all the colors of the rainbow

The River Rapid Wheels from River Scooters are responsive, fast, smooth, durable, and they absorb a great amount of the impacts, even from the big drops.

Rough street surfaces are no problem, due to the wheel's hard durometer, giving it a long lifespan. But, you still get a lot of grip, due to its wide profile.

Are you into manuals, carving or just want maximum grip in the park? Then the River Glide Wheels are the answer. It has the same characteristics as the Rapid but it is softer, which makes it more grippy on smooth surfaces.

A crazy core

Are you looking for a wheel to stand out from the crowd, when you are riding the park?

The Black Widow Wheel from Chubby Wheels Co. is a safe way to get noticed, thanks to its hollow core spider web design.

The design of the core makes this wheel very light, but still durable. It comes in 110mm, which gives you an agile wheel, with good control and great speed. This wheel fits every one from beginner to pro.

All the colors of the rainbow

Are you more into color? Then check out the sturdy wheels from Metal Core Wheels. All of them are light and durable, thanks to their hollow core disc design.

These wheels come in a bunch of different colors, both when it comes to the color of the core itself, but also to the color of the PU.

You get a good grip thanks to the durometer of the wheel. All the Metal Core wheels come with ABEC-9 bearings, for nice and fast rolling.


Can’t get enough of scooter wheels? Then check out the rest of our selection out here!

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