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Winterclash 2019: Some crazy days of blading

SkatePro team rider Felix Fälling won the junior competition. The pro final was insane, the bladies killed it, and the talks gave us a lot of valuable knowledge to take home.

Area 51 in Eindhoven, Holland was on fire last weekend, when bladers and bladies from 50 different countries came to see some of the worlds best bladers in action.

The junior riders took things to the next level

The junior competition showed us that the future of aggressive blading looks bright. Brazilian Danilo Senna killed it in the park and came in second.

Photo by: Greger Flak

Our team rider Felix Fälling cemented his status as the best junior blader at Winterclash with a flawless run, and a sick soul stall on the rail above the big quarterpipe at the end of the park.

This final trick earned Felix the much desired first place in the junior competition.

The females were on fire

The number of bladies (female bladers) at this year’s Winterclash was at an all-time high, and the ladies, once again, showed that they are taking their blading to the next level.

Mery Munoz took home the first place in the women's competition. The big surprise in the women's final was the 16-year-old Misaki Katayama from Japan, who came in second, and beside that won the title K2 Best Newcomer.

Big bangers and world-class blading

The pros really gave it all they got this year. All the riders in the final showed us some world class blading. Joe Atkinson treated us with not only one final trick but two.

The first one was a Royale on the handrail of the first-floor railing into a Gap 180. The second trick was a big roll up to the Roces extension where he made a Backslide Stall.

Another British blader made it to the top of the Winterclash. Dominic Bruce entered the pro competitions for the first time and got a second place.

The talks and workshops were amazing

This year also had some fantastic panel discussions and workshops. Among other things we heard, how passionated bladers do skate schools, to help spread the passion for blading.

Another exciting thing was the workshop "How Not To Fuck Up Your Body", where pro blader Nils Jansons and blading legend Jon Julio sad down and told us how they take care of their body to keep being able to blade.

They talked about doing exercises for your body core, knees and legs but also about living a healthy lifestyle to keep in shape. Furthermore, they also told how their way of riding had changed.


We had a blast at Winterclash, and want to thank all you guys and girls who came by our shop during the weekend. Also a big shout out to Jojo and all the volunteers at Winterclash for making it happen again.

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