Animal bikes a no BS street brand

Are you looking for new parts for your street setup? Animal Bikes makes high-end BMX street parts, designed and tested by New York City's finest riders in. You don’t want to miss out on these sick parts.

BMX rider Ralph Sinisi and his friends needed a no-BS BMX street brand. That’s why he decided to start Animal Bikes, a company that makes the toughest parts for the craziest riders.

A sturdy fork

The Animal Street 15mm BMX Fork is a super responsive fork designed to give you perfect balance for doing tricks such as nose manuals, all thanks to the short offset.

It's made of chromoly steel, which makes it light but at the same time very durable.

The material also absorbs the hard impacts, when landing - something that's essential if you like dropping big gaps.

All the grip you need on the streets

Get the grip you need on all surfaces with the Animal GLH Wire Bead 20" BMX Tyre, which comes with a lot of treads.

This wheel is made for grinding rails and curbs due to the amazing sidewall protection.

Get the control you need

If you like jumping ten stairs or doing technical tricks at high speeds, the Animal Foursome 4-Piece Bar is the right choice.

This bar is made of chromoly steel, which makes it strong and able to take some serious beatings.

You get great control, thanks to the backsweep, and the upsweep makes it more comfortable for your wrists when you are landing tricks, especially if you are doing big jumps.

A seat that gets the job done

With the Animal Luv Pivotal Seat, you get a no-nonsense seat, that's durable and gives you a good grip due to its anti-slipping kevlar padding.

This seat provides you with a good thigh squeeze, which is essential when you are doing tricks like barspins.


See all the parts from Animal Bikes right here.

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