Go on a quest for snow with Salomon QST

The winter season is still going in full throttle and so should you! Go for a sweet escape in search of the perfect powder with the Salomon QST series. The stability and responsiveness of the skis and boots will simply blow your mind.

Salomon QST 99 - a ski that will take you anywhere

We have tested quite a few skis but there were some that really stood out. One of them - this year’s Salomon QST 99. This year, the guys from Salomon have added a few spices to the QST model and made it a delicious treat for the powder seekers.

The incorporation of a basalt layer to the construction of the QST 99 makes the ski a bit stiffer, which automatically gives you more stability and responsiveness.

The big surprise comes when you lift the ski and realize how light it is. The Koroyd honeycomb tip enhances both the responsiveness and the lightweight.

It allows you to easily get into your turns and at the same time damps the vibrations that you would normally experience with a light tip.

Adding all these together, you get a ski that can perform well on the groomers and at the same time float on the soft, fresh snow.

Break free with the Salomon QST 106

Apparently, the QST 106 come with a wider waist compared to their 99 mm brothers. This makes the Salomon QST 106 more focussed on the powder snow than the crisp groomers.

That doesn’t mean you can’t take them out for a run on the pistes but you will get the best out of them in the deeper snow.

Construction wise the QST 106 is very similar to the QST 99 with only two main differences in order to optimize and emphasize the freeride performance.

First one is that the rocker is longer and higher both at the tip and the tail. The twin rocker on the QST 106 (compared to the all-terrain rocker on the QST 99) makes floatation and maneuverability in the powder an easy task.

Also, in the 106 version, you get Koroyd not only at the tip but also at the tail. This means even less weight and even easier steering in the deep snow since your tail won’t drag in the outing of the turn.

Go all-in on your QST

If you are going lightweight then go all-in. That means the boots as well. Salomon has come up with the QST 120 boots that are extra light.

The two-piece boot will give you perfect mobility and fit with the Endofit tongue which makes touring in those like a walk in the park, or the mountain in that case.

In walk mode, you will get 40 degrees range of motion and going down the slopes you can expect great doing your turns. You can also heat up both the liner and the shell to get the right custom fit for your happy feet.

So what are you waiting for? So follow the snow and, by the way, we also have the matching QST outfit ;)

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