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6 things to put in your ski backpack

Ski holiday soon? Are you packing and thinking - ‘What am I forgetting’? Well, we have a few suggestions for some accessories that will do you only good.

Extra pair of socks for those night rides

Most likely you already have a pair of socks but think of that scenario: after a good day on the slopes, you head for some Après ski action; after a few hot drinks your mates turn to you and suggest an evening session.

One problem - your socks are already wet and night temperatures are quite low to risk freezing your feet. This is where your extra pair of ski socks comes to the rescue.

Cool and "phunkshunal"

We are not going to lie, we are crazy about neckwarmers! This striped series from Phunkshun is not only looking extremely cool but is also practical. You can wear those as beanies, around your neck, or as face masks. And you gain some style points.

If you don’t have goggles, get some!

Some people underestimate goggles and choose not to invest in a pair. But goggles are more of a necessity if you want a comfy day on the slopes.

Conditions can often be changing pretty quickly and you don’t want to end the ski day because you cannot navigate your way through the snowflakes.

A good option is those Out Of Open ski goggles that have a photochromic lens that adjusts to the various light conditions.

Protection is everything!

We won’t get tired of repeating it - remember protection! A ski helmet is a must if you care about your brains! This Smith Mission helmet comes at a sweet price point and features the revolutionary Mips technology, which protects your head from multi-directional impacts.

A beanie for "after-helmet" hair

Talking helmet, do you know that feeling of realizing how ridiculous your hair looks after taking off the helmet? That is why a beanie is the perfect thing to get out of your backpack and sneak onto your head ASAP. Check the Black Crows Calva beanies - you should be able to find your color.

Be the fastest and eco-friendly

Sometimes all you need is some extra speed, that is why having wax tape is a quick and easy fix. And since we all love the mountains, go for eco-friendly Optiwax that won’t harm nature and is perfect for alpine skis.

If you still feel like you are missing out on something, check our ski stock, it should be there!

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