Go ride your scooter in the snow

Take your scooter skills out in the snow with the new Eretic Snow scooter models. No matter if you are into riding in snow parks or off the piste - there's a model for you.

Two new and upgraded versions of the crazy popular Eretic Snow scooters are in stock. If you like going outside in the snow, you can't live without one!

Time to hit the park

Hit the fun park or race down the slopes with the Eretic Snowscoot Slope. Its skis are specially designed to give you the best possible carve, and not drift, while at the same time providing great stability.

Photo by: Eretic Snowscoot

All this without losing any of the speed you need to make barspins, whips and air tricks. The deck has small steel pins on it for the best grip possible, even with thick winter boots on.

Go where no one has gone before

Are you more into going off-piste? Then the Eretic Snowscoot Powder is the right choice for you.

Photo by: Eretic Snowscoot

This scooter comes with wider skis, inspired by powder skis. This means that they will keep you on top of the snow.

The Eretic Snowscoot Powder is both light and durable, which makes it perfect for a long day of free riding.


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