4 tips for the upcoming Vasaloppet

All you cross country ski lovers are surely getting ready for this year’s Vasaloppet on 3rd March. We got a few tips for the final touches of your prep so that you get the best out of your experience.

Tip #1: get your skis waxed properly

If you are using skin skies which don’t require wax, make sure that you have a skin cleaning spray with you at the minimum.

If you need to wax your skis, though, make sure you are applying the right glider wax. But also remember boosting your kickback performance.

That is why kick wax is also important to apply carefully in layers in advance. Think about what you want to ski on last and apply it as the first layer.

Tip #2: Focus on your technique at all times

When people get tired during the race, they tend to forget about their technique and compromise their performance in order to be fast. Don’t! By all means, pay attention to your technique because this will get you through the whole run.

Slow down if you need to but don’t forget your technique for the sake of speed because you risk falling or injuring yourself, which will cost you more time.

Tip #3: Recharge at the checkpoints

We are talking 90 km, you will get tired! Remember to recharge at the checkpoints where you can get quick energy bombs and continue.

Having a snack or energy gel in your backpack is also quite important since sometimes you might be in the flow and don’t want to stop at the exact checkpoints. Just remember to give your body the needed power charge.

Tip #4: R-E-S-P-E-C-T

Maybe one of the most important tips - respect your fellow cross countrymen. There are sections of the race where you will get quite tight and close to each other.

At that point be careful not to put your poles in others’ skis or boots. And just like in driving, the left lane is the fast one and the right one for the slower ones.

If you fall, move to the side so you don’t cause the domino effect. Being nice to each other is the surest way to have fun and enjoy.

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