Ski review alert: literal Head-to-Head competition

In the one corner, we got the Head World Cup Rebels i.Shape Pro, and in the other, Head World Cup Rebels i.SL. Two pairs of equally good but quite different ski!

Head World Cup Rebel club entry with the i.Shape PRO

The Head i.Shape PRO model is the entry level ski to the World Cup series. It is a more forgiving and simple ski compared to the rest of the WC rebels.

We had a run on them and we must say, that the i.Shape gives you a pretty good introduction and preparation for the race-ski world.

We found them more flexible and playful compared to traditional, aggressive race skis. This makes them perfect for intermediate riders who are getting hooked on race skiing and are seeking to improve their carving technique.

The flexibility of the Head i.Shape PRO skis allow you to ski all day long, without losing your leg strength after two runs. The simpler construction, of course, doesn’t give you that much speed as the other WC Rebels skis but it is sufficient for those who want to learn and evolve in racing.

The ‘true’ Head World Cup Rebel - the i.SL

In the i.SL model you will find a more complicated and way stiffer construction. It is a true race ski that can really push you to your limits.

After taking two run on those, we already felt that we have been skipping leg day in the gym. The WC Rebels i.SL is considerably stiffer and powerful than the i.Shape. It is just meant for another category of skiers, namely those who already know how racing is done.

The Head i.SL skis are perfect for advanced to expert skiers who are keen on speedy short turns down the slopes. When we pushed them into longer turns, the skis feel like they want to cut straight to the chase and not waste time on this. But still perform and are quite stable. You just need some extra leg power.

The technologies that the WC Rebels i.SL are packed with (such as KERS and Graphene) literally power charge you from one short turn to the next one.

The added stiffness makes the skis super responsive and if you know how you can definitely make them do anything when it comes to racing.

Final verdict: The i.Shape is a perfect ski for intermediate skiers who want to enter the racing world but still have fun. Whereas the i.SL is about serious race business and skiers who know their game. They are made to perform and impress in those short turns.

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