Sebastian Hofbauer on winter skateboarding survival

We spoke with one of our most devoted team riders, Sebastian Hofbauer about how he survives winter skateboarding. Good news: we got some useful tips and tricks for all of you who are stuck home during the cold season.

He has been skateboarding for 16 years now and does anything to go out and skate every day. Even if it means skating in the snow or traveling miles and miles away.

Ok, Seb, straight to the point - What do you do to get your daily skate fix in the winter?

Before, when I used to live in another city, I used to just go out on the street despite the weather. Now I got an indoor skate park, which makes it way easier.

And the third option is, well, I used to live in Spain a few years ago and I still got friends and family there, so when the worst winter hits I just go there.

Nice one! Let me put it that way then: what would you do if an indoor park and Spain are not an option?

You just have to be strong and skate, skate, skate! Don’t stop skating - if you cool down you will die! (laughing)

Ok, serious now:

  • Warm up good. I don’t do a special one. Just a bit of stretching and chilled skating first 15 - 20 minutes.
  • No need for special clothes needed but running/thermo stuff would be good.
  • Parking lots are a good option. I have skated a lot at parking lots, building my own ‘skatepark’ there with flat rails etc.

And remember: skateboarding at a snowy or wet skatepark can also be a good challenge. Always considered it like that - quick feet, ollie over snow etc.

You need to be extra careful - it is very slippery and you don’t want to end up with an injury. Also, you might have to change your board more often since they get damaged easier in the wet weather.

You know, there is a saying that good skiers are made during summer. Can you say something similar for skateboarders, like ‘good skateboarders are made during winter’?

I don’t think so. Skateboarding outside is so cold that you don’t even manage to warm your body properly so you can’t give everything you got in a trick. Everything is way harder in the cold, even doing flips.

So it is something that makes you tougher as a person (or sicker) but as a skater, it is not such an advantage.

Still, better than nothing but if you got the chance, go inside of a park - you will have a wider range of tricks to practice for sure.

Definitely can see the advantages of an indoor skate park now. Can street skaters have fun there?

Yes, definitely. Everyone has their own style but indoor skate parks usually have a wide range of obstacles so everyone could find something they like. And if they don’t, you can at least do some flat skating or skating the curb.

There is often some kind of transition as well - a bowl, a mini ramp, doesn’t matter so you will get something out of it, for sure.

And if you don’t like it, well, too bad - then outside it is or no skating at all. I appreciate it so much now, having this indoor skate park here.

Last question, do you snowboard? Or what else do you do to stay ‘skate-fit’ during winter?

No, man, it’s too cold. I hate the cold. But I started indoor wakeboarding since it is quite similar to skateboarding.

It is full body workout, to begin with, and then you train your balance and body control - stuff you need for skateboarding.

Also, a balance board is a good idea. It is perfect for your ankles (which you really need as a skater) and the muscles in your knees.


As far as gear and new skateboard are concerned, and thermo layers, we got you covered here at SkatePro. So no excuses! Follow Sebastian and SkatePro on Instagram for more inspiration ;)

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