Survival guide for parents on a ski-holiday

If you are planning on a family ski trip with your kiddos, you should check those little trick and tips for your children’s gear - they can save you some worries and make it a bit easier.

Don’t hunt for lost mittens!

One of the good tricks here is to pick mittens with a string that can be attached either to your little skier’s jacket or wrists. Take those Didrikson ones, for example - absolutely adorable and practical. In that way, you don’t need to go for a powder run under the lift in search for what seems to be the smallest mitten in the world.

Keep them safe and in sight!

Sometimes the little ninjas are faster than you expect and it is a matter of seconds to lose sight of them. In that case, it is, first, important to equip them with a helmet - safety considerations, you know. Second, equip them with an easy-to-spot helmet! It can either be some bright-colored one...

Or something funny and funky which is hard to miss!

If you want to know a bit more about kid's ski helmets, check this video.

Stay longer on the slopes without the ‘I am cooooold’ scene

A full day up in the mountain can be quite of a challenge for the small skiers. The mornings can be quite chilly, as well as the last few runs of the day. To be able to enjoy a longer day out in the snow without freezing your kiddo, we have a few tricks to pull out your sleeve (or pocket):

  • Thermopads - those are life-savers for both adults and kids when you need a quick warmth dose. You can use them for the feet, hands, back or actually anywhere you need some heat.
  • Neckwarmers - those not only add some extra color to your tiny skier’s outfit but also extra warmth where needed. You can use them either round the neck or as a beanie under the helmet.
  • Goggles - goggles not only make it easier to see but also keep the face warm, so if you already haven’t got a pair for your child, it might be a good idea to do so.

Keep them skis together and make it easier to learn the snow-plow

Lastly, a nice little accessory that will definitely make your life easier (and ‘the pizza’ into a piece of cake) is the TrySki tip collectors.

If you are just about to teach your little one to ski, this is a nice trick to speed up the process of learning to hold the ski tips together and go down in a snow plow.

Remember that you can find everything you need for your ski trip on our shelves.

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