Hey you! Don’t miss out on the roller skating event of 2019

The best bladers from around the world will be competing to take home this year's trophies. But this year’s Winterclash is also much more than just a competition.

The line up for Winterclash 2019 is crazy, and it’s safe to say that the contests are going to be high-level stuff.

Beside of some sick blading, Winterclash also offers its spectators a wide range of workshops, panel discussions and much more.

With all these people meeting in one place, we have a unique opportunity to share knowledge and to talk about what matters to us as a community. We have a lot of plans for the future and we would like Winterclash to become a platform for everyone”, says Jojo, the man behind the event.

Blading is in our hands

When you aren't cheering for the amazing bladers and bladies, competing in the junior, amateur and pro competitions, you might want to check out some of the other cool things taking place at Winterclash.

Photo by: Olfert Poelen

"There will be talks and workshops about events, skate schools, healthy living, video production and much more. If you want to contribute to our community, this is where you meet the right people to talk to and learn from”, he says.

The overall theme for this years event will be DIY. So, how important is a good DIY spirit for the future of blading?

"No one else but ourselves is going to do something for blading. It's in our hands. Small events, local media outlets or the local skate school can make an impact. Let's learn from each other and let's make stuff happen. That's the only way to move forward”, he says.

An all-time high

The number of female bladers who are joining the competition is at an all-time high this year.

Photo by: Olfert Poelen

"It’s incredible and something that we have been focussing on for a long time. We are trying to empower women to start their own projects and to become somewhat independent from what the "boys club" is doing", says Jojo and continues.

"Last year we had a panel about female bladers. This year, the kids camp has woman coaches for the first time. We will have a secret warm-up in the park for all the women to test the new ramps without having to fight with everyone else and there are a few more things we are working on".


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