What should you choose: inline skates or inline speed skates

Getting the right kind of rollerblades will make things more fun but also help you to progress faster and perform better. Here's how you find the right pair of skates for you.

There are different kind of skates for different kinds of disciplines. We asked speed skating world champion Felix Rijhen to give us a few easy tips on “How to choose the right skates”.

High/medium cuffs - fast and stable

Choosing the right boot is important! If you don't have a lot of experience with inline skating, you should choose a skate with a high/medium cuff which gives you support and stability.

Experienced skaters and pro speed skaters use a low cuff boot, but it takes a lot of hours on wheels to be skilled enough to get the benefit from that.

You might even be faster with a pair of medium/high cuff boots because you use less energy on staying stable and maintaining the right stance. This means that you have more power to push.

Different wheels for different jobs

If you want to get the most out of your skates, you should ask yourself "What do I want to use my skates for?"

Are you planning to do longer trips or even a marathon? Then consider getting a pair of skates with 110mm-125mm wheels. They accelerate fast, can reach higher speeds, and make it easy to maintain speed.

Do you want to cruise around in the city with many sharp turns? Then consider 90mm-100mm wheels, making it easier to do fast maneuvers with a high level of control.

The frame is essential

Talking about the frame might seem a bit nerdy, but actually, it is really important. If you are looking for something that’s easier to maneuver and to do sharp turns around corners, go for a short frame.

If you are going for long distance or track, you should go for a longer frame, because it offers you more stability and allows you to go fast without getting wobbly.


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