These 3 parts will take your scoot skills to the next level

Shredding your local skate park this winter? Here’s our secret to on how to take your riding to the next level!

Like riding quarter pipes, fun boxes, rails, and bowls? We have gathered 3 scooter parts, that will definitely up your skills as a park rider!

Wide and light: This deck will make you own the park

The Root Industries Air Deck is perfect if you are looking for a new deck to ride in the park.

It's a light and short deck, but still wide with plenty of room for your feet. The Air Deck is perfect for doing technical tricks like barspins, tailwhips, and buttercup.

It has a fully flat bottom and comes with cutouts and deck plugs, so it’s easy for you to grind boxes and rails.

A titanium bar that's made for park riding

Do faster barspins than ever before with the Lucky Ti Standard Bar. It's a titanium bar, so it's ultra-light, but at the same time very strong.

The low weight makes the bar crazy responsive, something that's crucial when you ride in the park.

This Lucky Ti Standard Bar is T-shaped, which makes it easier to stop your barspins, and allows you to place your grab in the middle of the bar.

An epic Ethic complete made for the park

No matter if you are an intermediate rider or a young gun looking for your first real park scooter, choosing the Ethic Erawan complete scooter is a no-brainer.

Weighing in at only 2965 gram, it's one of the lightest completes on the market - so, perfect for doing techy tricks in the skate park.

This complete is consisting of high-end parts, such as the Ethic Dydrade Bar, and the Ethic Erawan Deck. You get great deck control due to the 2º concave, which helps you to lock in your feet.


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