5 things to pack in your cross-country backpack

Many places now have the perfect conditions for cross-country skiing, so it is time to start exploring! See what you need to bring in your backpack if you are about to start your cross-country journey.

We asked our cross-country skiing expert, Christian to give us a quick tip on what is essential to pack as first-timers on a cross-country trip/competition.

1. Remember layers!

As we know, the best way to keep warm in the winter is to layer up like an onion. A light, mid-layer jacket is the perfect choice for staying warm without looking bulky.

“When you are just starting with cross-country, your pace is normally not so high. So when you take a break in the middle of your trip, you can get cold pretty quick. Bring a lightweight and warm jacket to put on when having those nice breaks”, advises Christian.

2. Freedom and warmth for your hands

Since you will be quite active with your arms and hands when polling, you need the freedom of movement. So, despite all the sweats, you will still want to keep your hands properly warm.

A pair of X-skin Thermo gloves are the perfect solution. The guys from SkiGo are focused primarily on cross-country, so they know how to optimize their gloves to deliver both comfort and warmth.

3. Get ThermoPads for extra heat

Depending on the conditions, you may get surprised by how cold it can get. That is why it is always good to have a backup plan for extra heating. Especially comes in handy when you are already one hour into a tour or competition.

The answer is ThermoPad warmers! Those little ‘gadgets’ are lifesavers for the times when you literally can feel your toes numbing from the cold.

4. Keep gliding at all times

"Almost all beginners today ski on skin skis. When you are out on the tracks and experience that your skis aren't gliding forward as they should, a spray like Swix Glide Wax Cleaner is the perfect quick solution. It is definitely one of the must-haves!" says Christian.

5. Multifunctional accessories

A great addition to your outfit is the neck warmer. If you are going to accessorize, the Yoko Tube Neck Warmer is the way to go - lightweight, thin, and functional. You can either wear it around the neck or as a beanie.

If you still feel like you are missing something, check out our cross-country ski section, where you can get everything - from the skin skies to the base layer and all the nitty-gritty extras.

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