Ski review alert: The popular women's skis - Blizzard Black Pearl 88

We got our hands (and feet) on of the most popular and sold women’s skis - the Blizzard Black Pearl 88. And there is definitely a reason for all that fuss!

The Black Pearl 88 skis are indeed one of the best all-mountain women’s skies; They are light, stable, and they float and carve as they should - without compromises!

The 88 mm. underfoot gives a good balance between piste and off-piste performance. We tested them both on and off the slopes and can confirm that you can definitely go for carving turns on the groomers and some surf feels on the powder.

This is also thanks to the overall width of the Black Pearls and the rocker-camber-rocker profile. Combine the three and you get easy turn initiation, playfulness, and good floatation.

What makes the Blizzard Black Pearl so special though, is that they are very lightweight. We were surprised by the stability and power that came out of those quite light skis. They wouldn't even twitch in the long turns or in the deep snow. Only the short turns were a bit harder on the legs but still, the performance was good.

This is due to the combination of lightweight wood and carbon in the women-specific design construction - the Carbon Flipcore. Blizzard developed the construction specifically for the female riders and their needs for lighter yet controllable and stable ski.

Final verdict: The Blizzard Black Pearl 88 ski is a perfect example of a women’s specific, all-mountain ski that is true its all-terrain character and to the female skiers who want to enjoy their day in the snow to the most.

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