Women skiers deserve more than they think!

We had a chat with Charlotte La Cour on women skiers, gear and the right to want something better. So this one goes out for all the lady riders out there.

You actually already know Charlotte from Völkl if you have read our ‘5 steps to choosing the right ski for you’. This time, she comes with specific tips for the female riders who are still in doubt if they should invest in a new pair of skis.

There is a reason why we talk about women's skis

Women's skis are not just a rip off of the men skis with a flowery graphics. They are actually designed to fit the female riders' physique. Many technologies and constructions are developed to fit the difference in stance, muscle mass etc. without compromising the performance.

"Women should stop telling themselves that this is ‘good enough’! They should want a good ski! It doesn’t necessarily mean it should be a stiff or top ski but they should have a ski where they can feel in control. A lot of female skiers need to have the control so they should not take their husband’s old ski and go on those. No!", say Charlotte.

But what is the right ski for a female rider?

"They should choose skis which are made specifically for a woman that doesn’t weigh as much as a man, is not as high as a man, she doesn’t have the same muscles like a man in average. So she should have a ski that fits that - a ski that is light, that is stable enough so she has the control she wants", continues Charlotte.

Crucial factors when we talk women skis are:

  • weight
  • waist width
  • height

For a woman to control a ski that is meant for a man requires more muscle power. That is why female skis are lighter and easier to maneuver since she doesn't have the same leg/body strength.

The other points are the width of the skis' waist and their height. A ski with a waist of 105mm is supposed to hold afloat in the powder a man that weighs maybe 90 kg. and is minimum 180 high. But to keep a 60-kilo woman of 165 cm shouldn't require that much underfoot.

Take, for example, one of the most popular women skis - the Blizzard Black Pearl 88. They are built with the WSD (Women's Specific Design) Carbon Flipcore which makes them lightweight without compromising performance.

Final advise - push yourself to get better and allow yourself to have fun

With 26 years into skiing, Charlotte had her fair share of broken bones. Yet, she has no intention to stop:

"I kept on going because you get so much joy out from skiing and you get this feeling of freedom and of accomplishment, getting better all the time ", and she continues:

"Women should stop telling themselves they cannot skI!!! Because if they get the proper gear and maybe some training, they will get so much more out of it and get way, way better than they think".

Feeling inspired? We have plenty of women’s skis in our ski section, waiting to hit the snow and bring you joy. Check them out!

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