Moving from skateboarding to snowboarding: escape the winter hibernation

Winter can be tough, especially without wheels rolling and ollies echoing around. But do not despair, we asked our skate/snow team rider Thomas for 3 tips how to transition from skateboarding to snowboarding.

Tip 1: Keep at it! It’s the same...but not really

Starting from the fact you ride sideways to the ollies, rails, etc., skateboarding and snowboarding have tons of similarities. It is only natural to transition. And it won’t feel like a first time at all. But remember - we are still talking two different sports, we are talking wheels vs. snow, free feet vs. fixed, small board vs. bigger one.

As Thomas says:

‘Even though snowboarding and skateboarding are very similar you won’t be able to get up and ride like a pro on your first day even if you are an experienced skateboarder’.

So patience, young Padawans! And you will manage to get to this one:

Tip 2: Dare to explore!

‘Don’t just try learning “skateboard tricks” on your snowboard. Explore the many new possibilities you get on the snow, compared to a skateboard. Like butter tricks!’, advises Thomas.

There is literally a blank white ‘board’ that you can get creative on. The snow gives you the unique possibility to perfect and try new tricks you would never do on the asphalt. After all, snow doesn't hurt as much!

Tip 3: Essential skill that will unlock a new world - Learn switch!

Skateboarding is great, no doubt and no discussions! Snowboarding, though, brings you to a whole new dimension. But to be able to enter it, you need to learn riding switch (opposite to your normal stance). Switch is literally the switch that will light up your snowboarding experience.

‘It becomes so much more fun snowboarding if you are good at riding switch! Not only that rail tricks becomes easier but also just riding down the mountain becomes even better! If you are able to jib around with a small 180 and do cool butter tricks, the sooner you learn switch the better you will be at it.’, says Thomas.

So...you heard the man! Now go play, explore and enjoy the snow, because winter can actually be awesome when you got the right ‘toy’ under your feet.

Feeling inspired? Check out our snowboard section and gear up to hit the mountains (or the snowy streets)!

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