Winter jackets: Keep warm while riding

Are you tired of cold sessions outside? These 3 jackets will keep you warm, and at the same time allow you to move so you can do tricks.

These are our favorite jackets which are perfect for riding in the streets or in your local outdoor skate park.

The sickest pullover jacket of the year?

The Planks Happy Days 18/19 Pullover Jacket is not only looking sick, it’s designed, so you can twist, turn and raise your arms without any problems.

You will not only stay warm but also dry thanks to the fabric membrane, which allows evaporation of moisture.

Stay warm, dry and good looking

Looking for a jacket, you can use for your sessions and everyday use? The Volcom Analyzer Mens Jacket is the answer.

With this jacket, you are even safe against the meanest wind blows, rain and snowy conditions, but at the same time, it allows your body to breathe.

Your new best friend in the cold

Light and warm - This is the keywords for the Black Crows Ventus Micro Puffer, your new best friend on a cold day!

This jacket is water repellent and comes in 3 colors: black, blue and orange. It's reversible, turn it inside out, and you got a jacket with a cool pattern.


See the rest of our huge selection of winter jackets right here!

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