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Changing the lives of Venezuelan kids with rollerblading

Team riders Jara Mrstny and Jacob Juul have just released this amazing edit from their project in Venezuela, which is changing the lives of kids in Puerto Cabello.

In 2016 Jara was traveling in Venezuela when he met Rafael Benitez, who invited him to visit the skate park in Puerto Cabello.

When he arrived he saw that there was a big group of kids who were very talented and passioned about rollerblading. But they were missing new gear, so Jara agreed to help out.

3 years later, he has made a rollerblading organization and rollerblading school together with Rafael Benitez. Fellow SkatePro blader Jacob Juul has also joined the project and helps to teach and collect gear for the kids.

"I have a lot of goals for this project, but most importantly, I want the kids to be happy and enjoy the sport. We are all so proud to see them skate and share their moments of progress, that makes me feel good.", he says

Keeping the kids happy and off the streets

Venezuela is in a bad economic situation, which means that many families are struggling to make a living for themselves. The project is trying to create a safe haven for the kids to be happy and without worries.

"We are giving skates to the kids, so they can go to the skatepark every day to practice and make new friends. We treat everybody the same and we don’t care if you are from a rich or pure family", says Jara.

There’s no fee, and the kids can come as they like, they even have guards, so they are safe from thugs. And the best thing, they are off the street, so they don't end up with bad company.

The next generation is going to take things to a new level

Though the project has been a success, Jara points out that there is still a lot of work to be done before he's satisfied.

"We want to create a new generation of bladers, who can go pro and expose the sport to the world. We also want more kids to join our rollerblading organization and rollerblading school SRSGLOBALXTREMO", he says and adds.

"I wish for all of our kids to get a proper education, so they can go out there and a make a change, and I hope that rollerblading can help them to follow that path.”


Make sure to follow the SRSGLOBALXTREMO skate school right here. Want to see what Jara is up to? Then check out his Instagram account right here.

Last but not least - Give Jacob Juul a follow on his Instagram, for more awesome blading.

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