SkatePro Scoot open: Join the first big session in 2019

Ride with our international team riders. Participate in competitions to win prizes or just have a chill session in a skate park dedicated to scootering.

On the 23rd of February, the first SkatePro Scoot Open ever is going to go down, and you are invited.

Who's coming you ask? Well, only some of the best street and park riders around - such as Pol Roman, Timon Kunze, JD Randriambelson, Sacha Fesquet, and last but not least Maxime Bouzid and many others sick riders.

Come and ride with the pro’s

SkatePro Scoot Open is a free open format competition. This means that you can ride in the park all day, no matter if you want to compete or just have a chilled session.

During the event, there will be 4 showdowns at different obstacles in the park. You can choose to compete in one or more of them to win some of the sick prices, or just ride with some of the best riders in Europe.

You can also just choose to ride in the rest of the park or watch the showdowns. At the end of the day, there will be a dead race, a competition where you race other riders through the park!

Stay tuned via Facebook or Instagram to find out who's joining and which obstacles are going to be in our showdowns.


SkatePro Scoot Open is taking place at Omega Skate Club next to our headquarters, on Saturday the 23rd of February. Find the directions right here.

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