Ski review alert: Sweet love with K2 Luv Machine 72 TI

For all the ladies out there - these skis are definitely something to check out. K2 have actually designed and engineered women skis solely for the women riders!

Often, ski companies try to adapt their female ski lines to the technologies already used in the male versions. This year, the guys from K2 have done something different for their LUV Machine series by developing the BIOkonic technology having eyes only on the women skier.

When riding the K2 LUV Machine 72 TI you can definitely feel the BIOkonic technology working its magic. The skis are stable and you feel like you have the perfect control both in the front and at the back of the ski.

Which is exactly what the BIOkonic is for - even distribution of the stiffness throughout the construction and the shape of the ski. This results in better performance when it comes to power distribution when carving.

And talking carving, the Luv Machines 72 TI are perfect for both long and short turns. They like speed and will get you down well-groomed or hard snow without any vibrations. That stability and precision in turning are also thanks to the TI in the name, the added titanal sheet.

This makes those K2s mainly on-piste or even race-inspired in character. So if you are looking for more off-piste or soft snow action those might be a bit harder to handle.

The Luv Machine 72 TI is for the more intermediate female riders but can definitely be handled by a progressive beginner who wants to go a step further on the learning curve. That said, advanced skiers will also have loads of fun on those due to their playful and simultaneously powerful character.

Final verdict: The K2 Luv Machine 72 TI is one of the best rides this season - easy and precise turns, power and speed. Basically, only love coming out of them, and only for you!

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