Collin Snoek on the Tilt x Friendly and Tilt x Volare collabs

We talked with Tilt Scooters’ very own Collin Snoek about the new collabs with the Friendly and Volare Crew.

TILT Scooters is about passion for riding, inspiring others, and delivering the best scooter parts available.

"As scootering grows, innovating gets harder because so many ideas have already been done. To me, the solution is working together with other riders, and supporting them too, so we can keep making scootering better.", says Collin Snoek.

The sickest crew from Down Under

The TILT X Friendly collab is made together with the Australian crew Friendly who, besides riding, is also making their own grip tape.

"They are such a great crew of dudes. Their name summarizes them perfectly. I’m inspired by how they prioritize people and the community over everything else. We need more of that in scootering, so choosing Friendly was an easy decision", he says and adds.

"I hope that this collaboration will change the general mindset of working with other riders in scootering. It’s really cool to see everyone excited about the idea and about the products."

A hard-working crew, with a good sense of style

The other crew collab to hit our shop is the Tilt X Volare which is made with the Minnesota based scooter crew Volare.

"They are a pretty unknown group of riders, but they are very expressive - and they work hard to make their ideas happen. Their aesthetics and way of riding come to show in the results, which are awesome", he says

He points out that the crew's passion for art direction also had an impact on the design process.

"The main Volare dude Dakota has been really involved! He worked with Tom Kvilhaug on the designs. Those two did such a great job on all of the designs. Dakota also ended up editing the whole video too. He really killed it. I’m very happy about how the products and the video we ended up with!"

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