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BMX: 4 picks for the park

Winter is here, but you can still keep riding at your local indoor park. We gathered some of our favorite BMX products for park riding.

From frames over wheels to protection gear, here are our top picks for gear you can't live without when you are killing it at the park.

A high-quality frame at a low price

Are you on the hunt for a new park frame at a sweet price? Then check out the Collective RT1 Ryan Taylor Freestyle BMX Frame.

Its super short chainstay makes it perfect for doing manuals, 180’s and 360’s.

Ryan Taylor has gone all in when it comes to the durability. The frame is made from Japanese steel and has extra reinforcements in stress areas of the frame - all things you'll only find on high-end frames.

A true lifesaver

Be safe and keep comfortable when riding in the park with the Cult x S1 Retro Lifer Helmet.

It's designed to keep your head protected from multiple low and high impacts, thanks to its specially formulated EPS Fusion Foam, which also gives you a nice and comfy fit.

Avoid the feared shinner

With the Fuse Delta 125 Knee Shin Ankle combo there's no more pain from your shin getting ripped to pieces when your foot slips off the pedal.

Your shins are safe, due to the hard plastic shield with a soft dual layer of foam on the inside. The same goes for your knees and ankles thanks to a unique mixture of foam under the soft polyamide caps.

Wearing the pads is comfy due to the breathable and durable Duratex neoprene, and the Sharkskin Neoprene on the inside makes sure that the pads stay in place.

The perfect park wheel

The light, grippy and fast Total BMX Killabee 20" BMX Tires will provide you with everything you need to take things to the next level in the park

You get a great grip when turning and cornering the flow area due to the micro knurling to the sidewalls of the tire.

The wheel is made out of lightweight Kevlar, so you get a durable wheel that keeps the overall weight of your park setup down.

This wheel had gotten some serious feedback from top park riders such as Kyle Baldock, Alex Coleborn, and Chance Brejnakowski when they tested it - they all loved it to the moon and back.


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