Two decks - two approaches to badass skateboarding

We are actually talking two well-known brands, with two series of skateboard decks which scream ‘badass’ in different ways. Which one are you?

Enjoi - Colours sealed with a ‘Kiss’... member

On one side we got Enjoi, coming by default in vibrant, funky, panda graphics but this time the panda is masked as the band members of Kiss. Still keeping the Enjoi happy look, those decks are an example of badass with style. After all, we are talking about one of the most iconic rock bands of all time!

The Kiss decks are, of course, badass on the inside as well - 7 ply Canadian maple, glued together by long-lasting pop stimulator a.k.a. Epoxy and using a single-press technique, which guarantees that each deck is just as good as the same one your mate bought.

Darkstar - why hiding your dark side?

In the opposite corner, we got Darkstar and their Cards decks. As the name implies, we are not talking mellow or subtle way of showing some character. Darkstar is admittedly one of the sickest of all brands out there, just think about it, they collaborate with Harley Davidson!

The Cards skateboard decks are no exception to the rule so Hard Rock Maple it is, all 7 plies of it, deep concave and steep kicks so you can bring the level of badass even higher.

If you still need something more, check our stock of skateboard decks and get ready to rock!

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