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Check out the new freestyle and race BMX bikes from Radio Bike Co.

The 2019 bikes from Radio are in stock! We wanted to share some of them with you, including Radio's first race line ever!

The new bikes from Radio Bike Co. are looking and feeling promising. One of the exciting completes is the Radio Revo 14", which is one of the only 14" bikes out there - a perfect size for 6-7-year-olds.

This bike provides the set-off for your kid to become a skilled BMX rider due to its size and light and durable construction.

After more than 3 years of research, development, and testing, Radio Bike Co. is launching their first Race BMX line ever!

The brand has worked with some of the best riders and industry people to design these bikes. We expect to see both the Radio Cobalt and the Radio Xenon excel out on the track.

Give your kid the perfect freestyle bike

The Radio Revo 14" BMX is a great choice if you are looking for a BMX for your young child. The bike fits kids between 6 to 7 years old, thanks to its small 14" wheels.

The frame, fork, and bar are made of durable and light hi-ten steel, which gives your child the ideal foundation for having fun and trying out his/her first tricks like bunny jumps and manuals.

Add extra safety by mounting the included brake. The Radio Revo BMX bike also comes in a 16" version and 18" version.

The Cobalt Race BMX: Great for beginners

Are you looking for a Race BMX bike for your kid? Then check out the Radio Cobalt Race BMX. It's light and fast due to its aluminum frame and still strong enough to withstand the impact of jumps.

The double walled rims reduce the risk of the wheels buckling when you are racing through berms and over the rollers.

It comes with a durable and light 3-piece crank to make sure that your kid gets the maximum out of every stride. The Cobalt Race BMX comes in a Mini, Junior, Expert size.

Perform your best with the Radio Xenon 2019 Race BMX

Be the first to cross the finish line with the Radio Xenon 2019 Race BMX Bike. This bike is perfect for both adult and young beginners and intermediate riders.

The frame is made of aluminum, which makes it both light and durable. Add the grippy Tioga Power-Block tires, and you got a light and fast bike that performs like a dream out on the track.

This bike comes with sealed bearings, which will run for longer without maintenance because they are protected against gravel, moist and dirt. The same goes for the bike's integrated headset.

You can get the Radio Xenon 2019 Race BMX Bike in Mini, Junior, Expert, Expert XL, Pro, and Pro XL.


Check out all the new completes from Radio Bike Co. right here.

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