3 skate news you can't live without in 2019

Here are some of the most exciting inline skate and quad products that are going to hit our shop in the first quarter of 2019.

Christmas is over, and it's time to get out rolling again. We have gathered three roller-related must-haves.

Quad news: Get ready to shred the park!

We can't wait to get our team rider Barbie Patin's signature quads - the Chaya Kismet Barbie roller skates.

The model is based on the hugely popular Chaya Karma and gives you perfect control, maneuverability, and speed. You also get high comfort and good support, all thanks to the design of the boot.

If you are into aggressive quad skating, mount the included grind blocks, and you are ready to hit the skate park.

Get the perfect fit with Roces

The new Gymnasium 2.0 TIF skate from Roces is one of the most exciting fitness skates this spring.

This skate makes it easy to get the perfect fit, due to the fast sealing ATOP System - Just twist the button and you have a snug fit.

You get maximum power transfer and good stability, all thanks to the TIF magnesium frame, which is designed to be both light and durable.

A single sided frame

K2 is famous for being a first mover when it comes to skates, and this year is no exception.
This spring, the brand will release the new one-sided VO2-S frame, that gives you speed, looks, and a smooth ride on top of it.

We get several models featuring the one-sided frame, such as the VO2-s 100 BOA, which will be available in both a men's and a women's version.


Can't wait for the new gear to arrive? Then check out our huge selection of inline skates and quad skates right here

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