Ski for your holiday: Pick the right resort ski for the family

If you are the type of skier who normally goes for a ski holiday for a week, or two every year, and want the best out of it, read on! Here are some tips and suggestions for choosing the right ski for you and the rest of the family.

Rentals or your own skis?

Let’s face it, rental skis are not always the optimal solution if you really want to enjoy those 7-14 days you got up in the mountain during your holidays. If you choose to buy your own skis, you guarantee that they will suit your needs and you won’t lose precious skiing time adapting to a new ski every time.

Renting skis for the whole family may often turn up quite expensive so buying your own is actually a reasonable choice. Plus, having your own skis means that you decide how to ride them, opposed to rentals, which are not treated with care and love by everyone.

On-piste skis as a good option

One of the most important things when buying skis is being aware of what you want out of them. Going for a yearly ski holiday with the family or with friends often means that you will primarily stick to the tracks and focus on nice, smooth turns from top to bottom.

A good option, in that case, is on-piste skis. They normally come with a thinner waist (the width under the ski boot) than more freeride oriented skis, which makes carving turns easier. On-pistes are also more forgiving for your legs in the way they are built and designed compared to pure race skis that need quite some strength and technique to push into the turns.

Speed and perfect carves for the gents

If you are a guy who like speed and some lovely short and long turns on the groomers, a pair of the Head Supershape I.Magnum will do you only good! With a waist of 72mm you will be going from edge to edge in no time and carving down the piste like a pro. They also have added stiffness to the tail for extra stability and control.

Sweet love and forgiving skis for the ladies

Don’t get us wrong, we are talking about the K2 Luv Machine 72TI. This pair of women skis is perfect for the slopes and will keep it nice, easy and stable through the groomers, or when the conditions get a bit choppy. The BIOkonic technology distributes evenly some added stiffness to bring you stability and control while keeping their playful character.

If you need more inspiration, check out our stock of on-piste skis and contact us in case you need some extra guidance.

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