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Ski review alert: The one everyone awaits - Black Crows Vertis!

Yet another pair of skis that we tested and is most definitely worth mentioning is the Black Crows Vertis. Those piste oriented all-mountains will make your resort holiday a joy.

The Vertis is one of the easiest rides we tried this year. The skis have a playful character which means that you can jump from turn to turn and they will follow immediately.

So Black Crows have really put thought into making carving good fun on the Vertis - firstly, they come with a waist of 85 mm and secondly, their shape gives the perfect pivoting and at the same time, you can go from edge to edge with almost zero effort.

Now, the waist of 85 mm is perfect for the piste and for carving action, however, if you plan on spending more time off the slopes then you should maybe go for something a bit wider. The Black Crows Vertis perform best on the groomers and also in those afternoon packs.

The ski allows you to keep control and stay stable both in softer, end-of-the-day conditions and in the crisp mornings.

The built of the ski is not optimal for off-piste, so quite naturally, you may experience a bit of shaky performance there in terms of control and maneuverability but as mentioned, the Vertis has an on-track focus.

Since we are talking Black Crows, it is impossible not to mention the graphics, which are always a head-turner and create this ‘eternal youth’ look (both for the skis and yourself).

Final verdict: The Black Crows Vertis is a ski that will excite you on the piste, will put a big smile on your face while it carves your way through the crowd. Fun. Easy. Cool.

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